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‘See It, Gram It:’ Building Your Brand with Instagram

At first, Instagram was just an addendum to the already saturated market of social media apps. There just weren’t enough users to go around! But then something happened and having a Smartphone in your hand with every single app installed became the norm. Today, it stands as the second most popular photo-sharing app in the […]

What is Branding and Why Do I Need It?

Why is it that brands with the same quality of product and service get such different revenues? Some gain so much traction that they revolutionize the world; others hide in obscure corners of the industry. It’s neither about quality nor value for money—it is all about branding. What is Branding? If you’re new to the […]

The ABC’s of Creating Your Own Facebook Page

Facebook’s huge market of 3 billion people is difficult to ignore for the most organic of brands. Whether you’re setting up shop for your custom-made shoes or a service for home repairs, Facebook is the place to begin. Anyone who is in the throes of running a small business is aware of the power of […]

Important Features of an E-Commerce Website

Online shopping; a beautiful lovechild of web design, the internet, and businesses wanting to sell their products to a larger audience with access to the web. Businesses like Amazon and eBay have made our lives much easier. However, behind the scenes of a great e-commerce website is a team of web designers using their technical […]

Freelancers vs. Web Agencies – Which Should you Hire?

When you’re starting to work on a new web project without an in-house design team, you have to make the critical choice between a web agency and freelancer that provides the same services. Making the correct decision between the two is not as simple as one would think. Each has its own pros and cons […]