2020. March posts

The Guide to Using Google Analytics for Small Businesses

Both large and small scale businesses are always on the hunt for customer insights. After all, the only way to increase sales is to know who to sell to and how to sell to them. You can’t possibly stand in stores all day looking at the people coming in and observe their behavior. You can’t […]

5 Reasons Why WordPress is great for Small Businesses

Small businesses and entrepreneurial setups operate on a tight budget. You don’t always have the room to pay for minor changes and additions to your website and its content. This is where WordPress comes in. Nowadays, WordPress is considered to be the go-to place for an easy-to-manage website. Not only is it ideal for blogging, […]

Creating a Digital Presence: The Cornerstone for Small Businesses

Back in the day, if anybody wanted to get in touch with a maintenance specialist or look for a product, they would ask friends and family for suggestions. But now things are different. Everybody has a genie now that provides them with information anywhere anytime. And that genie is the internet. Research shows that 85% […]

Leadership Strategies to Improve Performance & Grow Your Small Business

Effective leadership is essential for growing business. Every small business aspires to develop and someday turn into a massive empire. And only hiring high achievers and skilled employees isn’t going to cut it. When it comes to going big, smart leadership is vital. You can’t expect everything to work out for your business without your […]