2019. October posts

Important Features of an E-Commerce Website

Online shopping; a beautiful lovechild of web design, the internet, and businesses wanting to sell their products to a larger audience with access to the web. Businesses like Amazon and eBay have made our lives much easier. However, behind the scenes of a great e-commerce website is a team of web designers using their technical […]

Skills Successful Web Designers Should Learn

Web designer. This is not just a catchy title people these days have. In fact, web designing is an entire career on its own. Yes, we are technical professionals with a very specific skill set. But we are also creatives that essentially solve people’s problems, much like many other careers. Our work involves a lot […]

The Web Design Process Explained in a Few Simple Steps

If you’ve never had a website designed, you might feel a bit lost at the beginning. You might not have a grasp of how the process works as each designer does things differently. For your ease of understanding of how a website comes to be, we’ve broken down the web design process into 7 steps. […]

The Key Differences Between UX and UI

For anyone who has even the slightest experience in web design would have come across the term UI and UX at least once. The debate on how they differentiate from one another is an ongoing debate, especially among newbies. For their understanding and yours, the fact is that they are, in fact, quite different but […]

The Basic Elements of Good Logo Design

Have you ever used Tinder or Grindr? If yes, then you would realize the importance of having a good picture. It should reflect you in an attractive way while also making you seem approachable. These are important considerations as your picture visually represents you, influencing a viewer’s decision to swipe left or right. Similarly, logos […]

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Like most appliances, vehicles, and our homes, websites need proper regular maintenance to stay relevant and productive for businesses. Imagine a business still using the web design and functions from their early 2000s website version. Not really appealing, is it? Just creating and setting up a well-structured website is not enough. In order to make […]